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The whole concept was based on a presentation for G&J, a mobile advertising company, which wants to present their features as superheroes. Bastian Kuhl just came up with a very funny script and we started to design and animate the characters.

We had in total 2 and half week to finish 2:30 minutes, so we had to simplify the project as much as we could.

I was in charge for the art/animation direction as well as designing and animating some parts.

For instance, the heros are designed by me.Tiny man, Mad Boss and secondary characters are designed by Terlina Lie.


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Producing: Bianca Mack /  CD/Script: Bastian Kuhn / Animation Director: Renato Klieger
Kreation/Animation: Renato Klieger, Terlina Lie, Irma Solernou / Sound Design:  Henning Bürger, Loft Studio
Sound Producer: Vanessa Dankers / Musik: Sonoton Music / Casting: Claudia Hesse, Massive Voices 
Agency:Gruner + Jahr AG & Co KG / Production :Optix Digital Pictures

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