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MeetOne is a growing up relationship website in Germany and worldwide with a new approach for the young public.

For that project we developed the claim "MeetOne for..." and we filled with several funny situations which makes the relationship meetings a bit funnier and unusual.We also develop a few character designs with would match with the right situation.

I was specially involved with the art/ animation direction and creating a few situations together with the talented Optix crew.

Please watch in HD.




Producing | Henning Westerwelle, Kreation/Animation Director | Renato Klieger Gennari, Kreation | Irma Solernou, Hannes Weniger3D | Florian Weyh, Michael Gottschalk ,Marc Goecke, Babette Kahn, Julian Sarnes, Markus Geerts, Onni Pohl, Philip WibisonoCompositing / VFX | Patrick GüntherAvid | David HortmannAgency | NERGER//RIMJürgen Nerger | CD/RegieAnne Lau | BeratungTon/MusikMusik Komposition | BLUWISounddesign | LOFT Studios

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