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Fly concept art - Mila no Multiverso / Disney+


The Request

Boson post invited me to design a miniature fly made out of spare mechanical and eletrical parts for the Disney+ serie "Mila no Multiverso". 

The challenge was to come up with a solution that would look functional and realistic. In the script, this fly would be built by very smart children with parts found on a science lab to spy on the evil character next door.

Making of from Boson post:

Client: Disney
Production: Boutique Filmes
VFX Supervision: Marco Prado
VFX Production: Mell Helade

Post production VFX: Bóson Post
Executive Production: Ezany Brandão da Silva JuniorLuiz Henrique Nunes e Eduardo Vilela Brandão
Post supervision: Guilherme Specht e Eduardo Brandão
Post Coordination: Carlos Fernandes
Finishing: Amanda Queiroz Telles
Concept: Renato Klieger
Lead 3D: Rodrigo de Angelis
3D Shader/Render: Victor Trovato
3D Rig: Danilo Pinheiro
3D Animation: Jesiel Almeida
Compositing: Henrique Del Valle Pacci e Renan Ambrosio
Roto: Guilherme Amancio e Marcelo Cleto
Finish Operator: Lucas Serafim
TI: Juan Gimenez

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