RECKLINGHAUSEN 2018 - Projection mapping

I was invited by CallHarry and Panirama to develop a 12 minutes projection show for the Recklinghausen Light Festival 2018.

The challenge was not only the duration but also the gigantic size of the projection, which took place on the Town Hall of the Recklinghausen city. 

With the support of incredible professionals, we were able to deliver a great experience for several days of the event.

**Footage belongs to All rights reserved.





AGENCY: Arena Recklinghausen GmbH / PROJECTION: Panirama GmbH, Illuminationsmanufaktur / PRODUCTION: Call Harry Professional Image Creation / ARTISTS: Storyline, Ingo Dietzel, Franziska Schnauß / VISUAL CONCEPT: Renato Klieger / ILLUSTRATIONS: Julia Back, Renato Klieger / MAIN-ANIMATIONS: Renato Klieger, Maxwell Eduardo / INTRO and OUTRO ANIMATIONS: Patrick Günther  / PRODUCING and FINISHING: Patrick Günther / SOUNDS and MUSIC: Christoph Reuter / SPECIAL THANKS TO:

© 2015 by Renato Klieger.

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