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To celebrate the 33rd aniversary of TELETEXT, the agency Thjnk asked LIGA01 to design and animate a spot featuring special moments in history using the pixelated teletext style.

I was in charge of the Animation Direction and most of the illustrations. 

The spot ended up winning a RedDot Award in 2014.




MARKETING DIRECTOR: Dietmar Pretzsch / PROJECT MANAGER: Judith Nissl / CREATIVE DIRECTION: Patrick Mathiensen, Leif Johannsen / ART DIRECTION: Reto Oetterli / AGENCY PRODUCER: Ralph Teichmann / COPY: Jakob Rabold, Sebastian Plum / GRAPHIC DESIGN: Karolin Berndt / ACCOUNT MANAGER: Elisabeth Einhaus / TEAM ASSISTANT: Hannes Petersen / PRODUCER: Jens Monske / ART DEPARTMENT: Renato Klieger, Ramón Voigt / Animation: Renato Klieger, Ramón Voigt / MUSIC andSOUND: The German Wahnsinn Team

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